Abu Dhabi

School Visits

Introduce your children to new ways of learning in an interactive city full of activities about the real world

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School Bookings

Get in touch for more about KidZania, ask about bookings, make a request or ask a question. Call us on +971 50 557 2830  or leave a message at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you soon.


Booking Pack 

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Booking Pack

Our school booking pack includes an overview of all the activities, general admission and annual pass prices to KidZania. Ticket prices for babies, toddlers, children between 4-16, adults and senior citizens. See our booking pack.

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Group Bookings

The currency of KidZania is kidZos. Your children can earn kidZos when they do different activities, and can spend throughout the city. For more information, email us at [email protected] 

For the lessons you can’t teach

Learning is always more effective when kids are enjoying themselves, and KidZania is packed wall-to-wall with excitement. Role-play activities teach your students about careers, money management and life outside school in a way that perfectly complements your curriculum.

School Visits

Free entry for teachers

Under 4s - one teacher per 5 kids
Age 4+ one teacher per 10 kids

Arabic interpretation if required

Duration of visit
About 3 hours

Age Group
2-11 years

We can provide meals
for an additional charge

Find out more

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or contact us at (+971) 50 557 2830

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